Public Relations: Social Media

Social media is so important to the modern PR girl. It is the best way to keep you connected to your customers and fans. 

To learn a little bit more about how social media is used in PR, I went to the internet and found and article on with tips and news on using social media.

Here are some of my favorites:

  • Never underestimate the power of #hashtags – the right ones can be gold for your marketing strategy. (via PR Newser)

  • Starting conversations and networking on Twitter can turn into career changes and priceless connections. Has Twitter (or any other social media platform) affected your career? (via Levo League)

  • Another of our favorite fashion PR girls, DKNYPRGIRL Aliza Licht, took the stage at TEDX Times Square to talk fashion brands before Twitter and how social media has helped her. (via Racked)

  • Louis Vuitton designs for an up-and-coming Japanese singing sensation… and she’s unreal – literally. (via FashionNotes)

Read the post here.


About justinemk

Hi, i'm Justine. I am a fashion student from Michigan. I go to the Art Institute majoring in Fashion Marketing & Management. Some of my interests include photography, blogging, makeup, interior design, cooking, and of course, fashion. Once I graduate I would like to either be a buyer for a department store or maybe a stylist at Nylon Magazine. I made this blog to share what I am learning being a college student on my way to enter the fashion industry.
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