You’re from the 70s, but i’m a 90s Chick

It’s crazy to me that the 90s started more than 20 years ago. It feels like just yesterday that I was watching All That on Nickelodeon, wearing denim overalls and a scrunchie in my hair. Well the 90s can officially be considered vintage, which means it time for to bring back the fashion trends that us 90s kids loved.

My favorite 90s trends that I am going to rock this summer:


Jelly Shoes – One of my fav things in my closet as a kid. I just ordered myself a pair online the other day. I got the clear ones with silver glitter (pictured above)


Flannel Shirts – Plaid flannel shirts were one of the things that made 90s grunge so great. Over a cutoff band tee, of tied around your waist with a floral print dress, there are many ways to wear these that make you look just a little bit grungier.


Combat Boots – I. Love. Combat. Boots. They are adorable, especially when they have studs. Like the flannel shirts, they will easily grungify your outfit. Unfortunately, I ruined my favorite pair on the ridiculously muddy lawn of the Kendrick Lamar and Steve Aoki concert I went to recently..


And a couple trends I won’t be wearing:

One pant leg rolled up – I am not a fan. I never really got this trend when it was first cool, and I still don’t get it now.

Rollerblades – Another trend I will not be bringing back. I do not have good balance so you can see how rollerblading is not something I enjoy (also: ice skating, rollerskating, and skiing…)


If you know me or you have read my blog, you would know I love the brand Wildfox Couture. They always have the cutest designs that embody those who are ‘forever young.’ Their newest line, titles “The Kids in America,” is directly inspired by the 90s classic, Clueless. My favorite part of the movie was Cher’s closet, so naturally I am in love with this collection.




About justinemk

Hi, i'm Justine. I am a fashion student from Michigan. I go to the Art Institute majoring in Fashion Marketing & Management. Some of my interests include photography, blogging, makeup, interior design, cooking, and of course, fashion. Once I graduate I would like to either be a buyer for a department store or maybe a stylist at Nylon Magazine. I made this blog to share what I am learning being a college student on my way to enter the fashion industry.
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One Response to You’re from the 70s, but i’m a 90s Chick

  1. shannonanne1392 says:

    Being a 90s kid myself, I am so excited to see these trends coming back! It’s crazy to think they’re considered “vintage” now. I always feel too young, but this makes me feel old. I may just have to order some jelly sandals myself… I had a pink pair when I was eight. When I get them, I’ll wear them and think of the days when Lindsey Lohan wasn’t a mess and Crystal Clear Pepsi was still on the shelves.

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